There is much more planned for this event and there is something for everyone whether you were into games, hardware, software, demos or community.

Game Competitions including SWO, Stunt Car Racer and many more where the winner will be immortalised. Any game you like can have a competition run.

Exhibitions to see and try out the latest developments for classic Commodore / Amiga machines such as WiFi, Dropbox, Web browsers, accelerator cards. See the current Amiga computers released (they haven’t gone away you know) such as X1000 and A1222 as well as FriendUP, the new Amiga inspired system that brings you a cloud based operating system via the browser.

Guests to date have included (and we hope to see again):

Trevor Dickenson (A-EON)
David Pleasance (Commodore / FriendUP)
Mike Battilana (Cloanto / Amiga Forever)
Neil Cafferkey (AROS & Prism2v2 developer)
Rob Cranley (Amiga Future magazine)
Eddy Carroll (SnoopDOS author)
Niall Ó’Brolchain (Ireland’s first commercial game. Former member of Seanad Éireann).

Shopping For retail therapy, hardware and software vendors will be there as well as other products such as KA Plus Magazine. You can sell and there will be stuff to buy on the day and you will meet the people who made and make Commodore and Amiga possible.