Full Event

Retro lovers, unite for a not-for-profit event to bring the community of computer and game lovers together. Our next meetup is Friday 19th & Saturday January 20th, 2018 and it’s going to be even more fantastic than 2017 and 2016 events! The venue as always is The Prince of Wales Hotel in Athlone. Read on to learn more…

SWOS competition where the winner will be immortalised. See and try out the latest developments for classic Commodore / Amiga machines such as Dropbox, Web browsers, accellerator cards just released that make an Amiga 500 over 150 times faster 🙂

Spot prizes include games, surprises and modified wifi cards to get your Amiga online.

See the latest Amiga computers released (they haven’t gone away you know) as well as FriendUP ( youtube.com/watch?v=Y5n0f5DSbSM ) – the new Amiga inspired system that brings Workbench to your desktop via your browser and is being used by some huge companies to avail of technology that could be your new operating system on any HTML5 compliant browser.

Last year’s guests included (and we expect to return):

Trevor Dickenson (A-EON)
David Pleasance (FriendUP)
Mike Battilana (Cloanto / Amiga Forever)
Neil Cafferkey (Prism2v2 driver)
Rob Cranley (Amiga Future magazine)
Krzysztof Radzikowski (AmiCast podcast)

Hardware and software vendors will be there. You can sell and there will be stuff to buy on the day and you will meet the people who made and make Commodore and Amiga possible.

See the Vampire, the technology that is taking the Amiga community by storm by making 3D gaming and mp3 playback possible (and makes an A500 over 150 times faster 🙂 ). See and win WiFi cards for Amiga as well as Plip-box, the internet device that’s compatible with A500. See Amibian in action, the fully blown Amiga OS installation running on the Raspberry Pi 3 on glorious HDMI display. This will also be for sale on the day. We hope to also have technology from A-EON represented/displayed on the day. See MorphOS in action on Mac G4 hardware as well as networked Amigas playing games on multimonitor setup. See the Amiga Forever system in action, which gives you a superbly emulated Amiga setup on your PC and meet the developer.

There is much more planned for this event and there is something for everyone whether you were into games, hardware, software, demos or community.

January 19th & 20th, 2018 in the Prince of Wales Hotel (room discounts available), Athlone, Irleand (1hr Drive from Dublin) Around £50 return flight from England!

Attend workshops which include: soldering, music creation on Amiga and programming.

You will not be disappointed. Meet like minded folks who are flying in from all around the world (England, Scotland, Poland, Germany, New Zealand, and more) and country and immerse yourself in the past and future of Commodore and Amiga loveliness.