Full Schedule

Subject to change based on the arrival of our guests, here is the schedule of events! This doesn’t include the gaming competitions, exhibitions, surprises and other activities that are continuous. Only things that happen at a specific time are below. This doesn’t capture the atmosphere at all, for that, see our Event page our media page.


(This is the 2019 Schedule. 2020 will have a similar structure but some changes to the content. Only one meal time is scheduled: Friday night. If you have a VIP ticket you’ll join 60 of us in the Silver Oak and the remaining (majority) of ticket holders have local options such as the hotel restaurant. Other meal times are at your own discretion.)

1pm Doors Open – Set up your computer if you have one, play one of ours if you don’t. Get to know some people.

2pm Game Competition & Workshops Sign Up – Register for any/all of the game competitions and our four workshops. More may be announced on the day.

Gaming begins – sit in on an open play machine or use your own. Don’t worry if you’re not arriving until later or Saturday morning. You can still enter the competitions as we don’t go past the first rounds on Friday.

5pm Official Opening & Amiga Ireland Podcast Recording. Live recording of this episode & official opening of the event.

6pm Commodore Creative Competition You are the judge of the submitted Amiga music or art.

6:45pm Lockup until 8pm (and move to VIP dinner nearby)

7pm Break for dinner
VIP ticket holders come to the Silver Oaks Indian Restaurant for VIP meal. Other ticket holders have options such as the restaurant or bar at the main venue.

8pm Venue Opens again VIP talks. Then demo show begins. Gaming continues.

1am – CLOSE


9am DOORS OPEN & Morning MOD. Gaming events continue all day.

10am AROS Workshop (Neil)

11am Programming Workshops (Rob)

12 noon – Interview with well-known Amiga Game creator Volker Wertich (The Settlers) online from Germany.

12:30pm Lunch served from now. Event stays open/running.

1pm Gotek Programming Workshop (Daniel)

2pm Lightwave 3D Workshop (Klearchos)

3pm AmiBerry Workshop (Dimitris)

4pm Interview & Soap Box with David Pleasance, Trevor Dickinson & More.

5pm Gaming finals on big screen.

6pm Gaming Winner Announcements & Prizes.

7:30pm CLOSE. Official end of event and time to pack up. All welcome to our reserved area in Gertie Browns Pub until late!


Tentative – The machines might be unplugged but an unofficial gathering takes place in the morning (around 9:30am), just a stroll from the venue is The Bailey (who do a nice breakfast). We’ll probably move on to Ireland’s oldest bar, Sean’s Bar also.


Many thanks to our kind sponsors.


Athlone, Ireland (90 minute bus/drive from Dublin Airport). See more transport options on our getting here page.