Full Event

The venue as always is The Prince of Wales Hotel in Athlone (map). Room discounts available for ticket holders, just contact the hotel. Read on to learn more…

Gaming Competitions

SWOS, Stunt Car Racer, Skidmarks, Paper Plane and other gaming competitions where the winner will be awarded and immortalised. If there’s a game you’d like to see you can even run a competition yourself.


See and try out the latest developments for classic Commodore / Amiga machines such as Dropbox, Web browsers, accellerator cards.

See the latest Amiga computers such as the X1000 and A1222 as well as classics like A500 (and plenty of them!), A600, A1200, A4000 and the Commodore PET. FriendUP will also be there to try – the new Amiga inspired system that lets you access your own online operating system and applications through the browser regardless of device – laptop, phone, VR headset.

Hardware and software vendors will be there. You can sell and there will be stuff to buy on the day and you will meet the people who made and make Commodore and Amiga possible.

See the Vampire, the technology that is taking the Amiga community by storm by making 3D gaming and mp3 playback possible with good performance (and makes an A500 over 150 times faster 🙂 ). WiFi cards for Amiga, Amibian the fully blown Amiga OS installation running on the Raspberry Pi 3 on glorious HDMI display. This will also be for sale on the day. We hope to also have technology from A-EON represented/displayed on the day. See MorphOS in action on Mac G4 hardware as well as networked Amigas playing games on multimonitor setup. See the Amiga Forever system in action, which gives you a superbly emulated Amiga setup on your PC and meet the developer.

Special Guests

Some of our previous guests include the following and we hope they return.

Trevor Dickinson (A-EON)
David Pleasance (FriendUP)
Joe Pillow (Cloanto / Amiga Forever)
Eddy Carroll (SnoopDOS author)
Neil Cafferkey (Prism2v2 driver)
Rob Cranley (Amiga Future magazine)
Niall Ó’Brolchain (Ireland’s first commercial game. Former member of Seanad Éireann).
Jon Hare (Sensible Software by video linkup)

Our January 2019 virtual guest is Volker Wertich, creator of The Settlers.
RJ Mical cannot attend this year. Full statement here .

Spot Prizes

Previous spot prizes included games, posters, books and networking cards to get your Amiga online. Many of these are donated on the day and every year is different.

There is much more planned for this event and there is something for everyone whether you were into games, hardware, software, demos or community.

AmiKit have kindly provided one copy of their system as a prize for someone attending Amiga Ireland 2019.


We survey everyone who has purchased tickets after the event and workshops have been very popular. Past workshops have included soldering techniques, music creation on Amiga and Blitz Basic programming.

This years workshops include AROS Install & Configuration, Gotek Programming and assembly, AmiBerry (from the developer himself) and Lightwave 3D.

You will not be disappointed by this international gathering. Meet like minded folks who arrive by air, sea and land and immerse yourself in the past and future of Commodore and Amiga loveliness.


Athlone, Ireland (90 minute bus/drive from Dublin Airport). See more transport options on our getting here page.

Full Event Schedule

Subject to change based on the order of arrival of our guests, but here is the schedule of events! This doesn’t include gaming competitions, displays and other activities that are continuous. Only things that happen at a specific time are below. This doesn’t capture the atmosphere at all, for that, see our media page!


1pm Doors Open – Set up your computer if you have one, play one of ours if you don’t. Get to know some people.

2pm Game Competition & Workshops Sign Up – Register for any/all of the game competitions and our four workshops. More may be announced on the day.

Don’t worry if you’re not arriving until later or Saturday morning. You can still enter the competitions as we don’t go past the first rounds on Friday.

5pm Official Opening & Amiga Ireland Podcast Recording. Live recording of this episode & official opening of the event.

7pm Silver Oaks Indian Restaurant for VIP meal. Lock up until 9pm. EUR 23 euro pp excluding extras like alcohol.

9pm Venue Opens again. VIP talks. Then demo show begins. Gaming continues.

1am – CLOSE


9am DOORS OPEN & Morning MOD. Gaming events continue all day.

10am AROS Workshop (with Neil)

11am Gotek Programming Workshop (with Daniel)

12 noon – Interview with well-known Amiga Game creator Volker Wertich (The Settlers) online from Germany.

12:30pm Lunch (LOCK UP)

1:30pm RE OPEN

2pm Lightwave 3D Workshop (with Muadib)

3pm AmiBerry Workshop (with MiDWaN)

4pm Interview & Soap Box with David Pleasance, Trevor Dickinson & More.

5pm To be confirmed.

6pm Gaming Winner Announcements & Spot Prizes.

7pm CLOSE. Official end of event and time to pack up. All welcome to our reserved area in Gertie Browns Pub at 8pm!


Tentative – The machines might be unplugged but an unofficial gathering takes place in the morning/afternoon, just a ten minute stroll from the Prince of Wales Hotel in Ireland’s oldest bar Sean’s Bar.


Many thanks to our kind sponsors.