AmiPizza – A Guide for the Distinguished Amigan

A study by the World Health Organisation recently found that one pizza per day contains 99% of the recommended daily allowance of nearly all our required nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So unless you are one of the ~60% of people who are allergic or intolerant to dairy, it might be time to give up the porridge, the salads and smoothies and have pizza instead, followed by a delicious pureed pizza smoothie. But having pizza every day can get a little boring so for those of you who prefer a needlessly varied diet, read on for some inspiration!

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The Amiga Ireland podcast trio have something in common this week; we’re all very tired! But that won’t stop us bringing this months news, events an games. And as always, the Ask Amiga section covers something technical before we finish with Amiga music.

PPC boards for Mediator-equipped Amigas link

AmiKit for Mac including “Rabbit Hole”

ReAmiga 1200 from John Hertell link
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Format the Patriarchy

(Main image by Cammie from her upcoming game)

Amiga 1200 motherboard mapping by John Hertell. Assembly of first board almost complete link

KA 21 Gayle PCMCIA fix – is hardware solution for Gayle PCMCIA reset bug.

QEMU Sam460 Emulation, now has OS 4.1 and MorphOS
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Meetup with Eddy Carroll, Neil Cafferkey, Niall Ó’Brollchain and Brendan Smith

At Amiga Ireland 2018 we had the pleasure of meeting with some influential and inspiring people. Eddy Carroll gifted SnoopDOS to the world while Neil Cafferkey is a core AROS developer. Niall Ó’Brollchain created the first commercially sold game in Ireland which was Hitman for the Commodore 64. Brendan “Speedie” Smith is the curator for the Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland. The museum is located in Galway and has a Commodore section there with active maintainers and plenty of visitors.

To book tickets for Amiga Ireland in January 2019, visit our bookings page:

Stupid Sexy Floppies

Enhancer Software v1.4 to release this summer. update by Matthew Leaman link

MMULib updated (again) – bug fixes and support for specifics of hardware such as the VA2000 graphics card and ACA accelerators. link

WinUAE 4.0 Released, graphics subsystem overhauled enabling such features as virtually lagless video output and multi-monitor emulation. link
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Tower 57 creator Marco “Benitosub” Pappalardo [Interview]

Tower 57 is Fast-paced neo-retro shooter where cooperation is as important as your ammo capacity. Avaliable for Amiga OS4, AROS and MorphOS, Marco “Benitosub” Pappalardo talks about it’s development and his Amiga roots.

Amiga Version HERE.

Commodore Power

LHA self-extracting archive – update to version 2.15 link

MilkyTracker for MorphOS link

A500 replacement case campaign on IndieGoGo just made its goal. Stretch goal not reached, but the team are investigating the possibility.
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Amiberry & 3D Modelling with MiDWaN and Muadib [Interview]

3D Modelling and Amiberry workshops are planned for Amiga Ireland 2019. Our friends from Greece talk about their plans to teach us all about them! Muadib talks about Lightwave 3D, MiDWaN tells us about Amiberry.



Amiga Magazines

Ars Technica publishes another episode of “History of Amiga: Red vs Blue” – great reading
WinUAE 4.0 Beta link
4 Decades of Amiga Demos (234MB Download for CD32) link
Jacek Piszczek, one of the MorphOS core developers, has prepared a great guide regarding MUI.framework and Objective-C in MorphOS
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Take It from the Top

Bambi Amiga, the service that hosts websites and email accounts on an A1200 is now offering a disk imaging service. Postage is international. link

Riva 0.53 link – the fastest MPG player

AmiSSL 4.2 link
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