Amiga Ireland 2018 – Event Schedule

Subject to change based on the order of arrival of our guests, but here is the schedule of events! This doesn’t include gaming competitions and other activities that are continuous. Only things that happen at a specific time are below. This doesn’t capture the atmosphere at all, for that, see our media page!



1pm Doors Open – First heats of game competitions and gaming sign ups. Set up your computer if you have one, play one of ours if you don’t. Get to know some people and even start a game comp of your own (talk to Kenny).

5pm Amiga Ireland Podcast Recording. Live recording of this episode.

6:45 pm VIP arrival & Official Opening.

7pm Silver Oaks Indian Restaurant for VIP meal. Lock up until 9pm. EUR 23 euro pp excluding extras like alcohol.

9pm Venue Opens again. Demo show begins. Gaming continues.

Midnight – CLOSE


9am DOORS OPEN & Morning MOD. Gaming events continue all day.

11am Programming Presentation & Workshop (Rob)

11am Music-X Workshop (Iarla)

12 noon – Interview with Paul Cuisset (Flashback / Delphine Software). Via online video linukup.

12:30pm Lunch (LOCK UP)

1:30pm RE OPEN

2pm Commodore Creative Competition. Panel of Four Judges inlcude Trevor Dickenson, David Pleasance.

4PM Interview & Soap Box with David Pleasance, Trevor Dickeson, Brendan “Speedie” Smith (Computer Museum of Ireland), Eddy Carroll (SnoopDOS author), Nick Veitch (Amiga Format* invited).

6PM Gaming Winner Announcements & Spot Prizes.

7PM CLOSE. End of event. All welcome to our reserved area in Gertie Browns Pub!

Episode 11 – Tasty Podcast

FM Receiver for Commodore 64 link

Roadshow TCP/IP stack now also available as a CD version

New version of LoadModule

More updates and pictures regarding the upcoming IRIS – MorphOS email client

DizzyTorrent – a 68k torrent client for Amiga by David Vissi

MMULibs new version

SimpleMail 0.44 – new version of a popular Mail client was released on Christmas eve

WiModem232 released

DGen – Sega Megadrive emulator

ScummVM 2.0 – OS4.x port


Interview with Gideon Zweijtzer from the 1541 Ultimate and Ultimate C64 link

Quake 3 ported to Amiga Classic
link – gameplay
link – Download link

Use a modern USB game controller on your Amiga computer using a Raspberry Pi using NinePin link

Full version of International Karate Ultimate 1.1

Modern Vintage Gamer released a video demonstrating a new game Dreams of Rowan by Amiten. Requires 030 to achieve 50 FPS. Feedback seems to praise the music and graphics while the controls are described as taking time to get used to. link

Captain Cloudberry for C64 has been released as a free download link

Sam’s Journey available to buy

Worthy, new Amiga Game link

Irregular Review #4

C64 Trains up a small neural network link

Commodore: The Amiga Years by Brian Bagnall. Not really a discovery in itself but looking forward to discovering a lot of the inside stories from the time.

Amigos Podcast have an online magazine called Kickstart. Available as PDF and readable on a (smart) phone link

RetroMurcia 2.0 January 13, 2018 – January 14, 2018
A retro culture room organized in the leisure center “ZIG ZAG” in Murcia where you can find, videogame tournaments, freeplay zone and much more. Friki Days is an alternative culture show that takes place over several days at the ZIG ZAG leisure center.

DiHalt 4-5-6 January 2018
DiHalt 2018 Lite is a festival of computer art, which will take a place on January, 4-5-6 in Nizhny Novgorod. More than 15 times DiHalt gathers the most progressive enthusiasts in different directions of computer art from Russia and from the neighbor countries.
– You can participate in competitions with works created for PC, Amiga/Pegasos and ZX-Spectrum. link

Scottish Amiga Users Group, 3rd December, St. Ninian’s Church Hall, Pollokshields, Glasgow. link

Ask Amiga
Amiga Accelerators and overriding the integrated CPU: “[The] Amiga 600’s expansion port is only useful for memory expansion and the 68000 is soldered to the motherboard. So instead, A600 accelerators function by being placed on top of the CPU — how does that work?”

Virtual Dimensions and Banjo Guy Ollie for music
Playing out with Apidya, a modern tribute by Volkor X
You can buy this album at link for any amount. We suggest being generous 🙂

Episode 10.2 – Christmas Special

Happy Christmas everyone. A shorter, less organised episode from us this time over some drinks.

Chipperia music disk – Christmas Edition

Amiga Ireland 3.0 – Jan 19th & 20th 2018

(Photo by Trevor Dickenson – A-EON)

Meet fellow Commodore and Amiga fanatics as well as some of the people behind developments of past and present. Trophies for the winners of our gaming competitions, spot prizes, exhibitions, workshops, demo comp, interviews and most importantly – good ‘craic’ as we say in Ireland ( ‘fun and good cheer’). Visit to see images and video.

Interviews & Meetings

Meet people behind the past, present and future of Commodore and Amiga developments. We’ve invited some great guests and thankfully, they have either committed to come or are hoping to make it.

David Pleasance – Commodore / FriendUP
Trevor Dickenson – A-EON
Nick Veitch – Amiga Format editor*
Matthew Leaman – AmigaKit
Brendan Smith – Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland
Neil Cafferkey – AROS Core Developer
Tomasz Ankudowicz – Komoda & Amiga Plus Magazine
Eddy Carroll – SnoopDOS creator
Niall O Brolchain – Creator of Ireland’s first C64 game
Rob Cranley – Amiga Future Magazine
Peter Schnapke – Retro Supplies
The Amiga Ireland podcast team, and more to be announced
(* invited)

Some excellent Youtubers and Podcasters will be there too. This is just a short list and we are hopeful that other names from Amiga Format & Commodore will confirm their attendance soon.

Gaming Competitions

Again this year there will be trophies for Sensible World of Soccer, Stunt Car Racer and more. We will also have Amigas linked up with Skidmarks for some 8 player madness.

On the C64, Paper Plane Hi-Score competition runs all weekend as well as a Sub Duel play off.
Programming, Music Creation, Soldering: these workshops ran last year and we plan the same again this year. Limited soldering equipment available so bring what you can.

Commodore Creative Competition

Enter your demo, art music or PETSCII. It could be something as simple as a Father Ted quote, a music piece or as complex as Irish art/calligraphy made in your favorite graphics editor. You can even submit an Amiga cake or knit a C= jumper – let your imagination run free 🙂 Our judges will announce the top entries as well as runners up. Submissions to


See Terrible Fire accelerators, Vampire, Dropbox & Google Drive for Amiga, WiFi on C64 and Amiga and other displays on the day. Core AROS developer will be there on the day to demo the latest developments. There is a rumour that someone is bringing a Commodore PET on the day 🙂


Every year we have workshops in programming and music creation. Last year we had a soldering workshop run by Rob Cranley which was very popular. If you’d like to solder this year, bring equipment with you and we’ll be able to give you pointers.

Spot Prizes

Amiga WiFi cards, notepads and boxed games will be among spot prizes on the day.


The Amiga Ireland podcast will record an episode at the event with a live audience.

Nights Out

Go for a meal with the organisers and our VIP guests on Friday night. On Saturday after the event, we go to Gertie Brown’s pub.


Tickets can be booked at


Many thanks to our sponsors:



 Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland

 Optimum Health

Episode 10.1 – Demoscener ΛRTΣTΛTΞ DIGITΛL interview

We put 21 questions to the artist making Commodore hardware sing and dance.

Episode 10 – Fairy Tale

Lemmings Mac Touch Bar app by Erik Olsson. Code is on github and contributions are welcome. link

RetroWars – Sci-Fi adventure game link

AmigaOS 3.1.4 beta link
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Episode 9.1 – Terrible Fire’s Stephen Leary

Open Source hardware accelerators are a reality thanks to Stephen’s developments. Find his project or github and order boards from

Episode 9 – Chocolate Joystick

Do you plan on any Commodore or Amiga purchases for Christmas?

  • Yes (71%, 12 Votes)
  • No (18%, 3 Votes)
  • If my partner/significant-other allows me (12%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 17

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Episode 8.1 – Ms Mad Lemon interview!

Maddi covers Amiga hardware, modifications, games, music and more on her excellent channels. Today we chat about her experiences and projects with Commodore and Amiga.

YouTube Channel

Episode 8 – 64K’s Later

New games, music, events and banter. Poll for the choice of workshop/presentation at the Amiga Ireland meetup 2018.
Options include a soldering workshop, introduction to programming and more. Continue reading “Episode 8 – 64K’s Later”