Raised IBrowse

Joke nose and mustache with boing balls for eyes

WRP 4.4 has been released by Tenox. Allows you to access HTTPS sites from old computers. (link)
New version of a great tool ADFer (link)
RNOPDF – an app to view PDF files (link)
Final Writer teases “minor update” in the works. (link)
New AmiBerry Beta runs on the Odroid N2, one of the fastest platforms available. (link)
Issue 9 of Versus is being prepared. 2019 edition of the diskmagazine/charts for Amiga. (link)
Warp 560 goes into production (link)
IBrowse 2.5 Released (link)
AmigaAmp updated, bug fixes and internal code changes (link)
Icon Poser 1.0 released for AROS (link)

Turbo Tomato Vegetables have never been so much fun Works on any 1MB Amiga. (link)
Metro Siege – a great beatem up game for Amiga (link)
Diablo is being ported to Amiga (link)
Worm Wars released for AmigaOS (3 +4), MorphOS and AROS. 2MB RAM. (link)
Wonder Girl in Moster Place – a new platformer in the making (link)
The Shadow over HawkSmill – a great platformer in the making (link)
Four unreleased Dutch games by two members from Switch named Geert-Jan and Johan (link)
Psycho Tic Tac Toe (68k), a first attempt at a game by this dev. Contributions welcome with the AI. (link)

Cross Compilation for Amiga (using Windows, Mac or Linux) (link)
Amiga Revive – a new Amiga website (link)
Doom/Wolfenstein 3D game running on A500 (link)
KA Plus magazine are now selling T-Shirts with their attractive cover art. (link)
An Amiga BBS all about Commodore and Amiga (link)
C cross compiler, runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and even produces an ADF (hat-tip to fsphil) (link)
Belgian Amiga Clubs Amiga compatible website incorporating Facebook content. (link)
Amigaula is a UAE game scanner and launcher for Windows by Blitterstudio (link)

Xenium 2019 (link)
DataStorm 2019 (link)
Scottish Amiga Users Group meetup, Rosyth rugby club, Sun 8th Sep (link)

Amiga 1000 Kickstart situation (link)
Top Tweet: (link)
Top FB Post: (link)

Lethal Xcess – Main Menu by Jochen Hippel


Meet the New Key, Same as the Old Key

3D printed key for Commodore 64

New C= parts as easy as “Tea; Early Grey, Hot”? 15 years of AmigaKit, new releases, crash course in AREXX & Assember programming and a great version of the Final Fight theme. All this and our usual round up of events, games and troubleshooting tips.

Tiny Aros by salvatore. A 615MB ISO which will work on emulation or hardware, like AROS. (link)
AEROS 4.3 has been released for Raspberry Pi 3 as a free download (link)
Leu, a simple spreadsheet application, which started as a excel and openoffice viewer. (link)
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Peter Mulholland Interview

Cover Art for Simon the Sorcerer 2 on Amiga

Peter was involved in many game projects; Foundation, Simon the Sorcerer II, Knights & Merchants: Shattered Kingdom, Feeble Files – working with RuneSoft and Epic Interactive. We talk about his past and current activity with his local Amiga community in Norwich, England.



A big donation has arrived at the museum compliments of a computer programmer who owned it. It includes an A500, monitor, Commodore Amiga monitor cover, lots of games, technical manuals and more. Thanks Pat. Here’s a 6 minute interview we had at the time.




New mouse driver for OS4 has been released. Code cleanup and new features for Logitech and Cherry mice link
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Amiga Ireland – Half year update 👋

We’re approaching the halfway point between the previous and next Amiga Ireland event. Here’s what’s been happening:

Dave Haynie is coming to Amiga Ireland 2020. What else can we say? This is incredible news. We are very much looking forward to meeting and speaking with him. Most recently Dave has written about his time with Commodore in the book Commodore: The Inside Story by David Pleasance and is some copies are available here at Amiga Kit.

The creative competition winners from January 2019 have received their prizes. Thank you for entering and a special thank you to Cloanto & Retro Ready for sponsoring the prizes. If you haven’t heard the entries yet, your can

Our survey which looked for feedback on the event has been closed and a winner was drawn at random (using Google’s random number generator). Congratulations to R. Valles on winning an copy of Amikit X and thank you to Amikit of course for making this happen. The feedback will be taken on board and some changes (for example, sound buffering for workshop to reduce external sounds ) are being planned for. We’ll talk about the survey results in more depth in a future Amiga Ireland podcast.

At Amiga Ireland 2019 a generous donation of a unique Amiga 500 was made by Rob Cranley (which made it’s way over from Scotland!). It was decided to do a raffle this time to raise funds. We made EUR 320 which was divided equally between Amiga Ireland and the Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland. Here is the museum’s curator Brendan Smith being presented with a cheque – thank you for your support over the years!

In the last two weeks we signed the final revision of the contract with our new venue in 2020, the Sheraton Hotel in Athlone. This new venue is three or four times larger than the previous venue and our experience with them and their facilities has been extremely positive which is why we’ve chosen to go with them. Their closeness to the bus/train station, large parking facilities and connected shopping center is another bonus and hopefully next time we need a VGA extender at short notice we won’t have to run quite as far (thanks to the Greeks for taking care of this last time 😉 ).

We have been saving towards a larger venue for some years now and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to us each year, helped with organizing, presented, donated and of course sponsored us to make this happen.

Our ticketing system is already prepared for January 2020. Once the schedule is finalized for the two-day event, tickets will go on sale. The cost of the event has not changed, but price will include fees upfront rather than at the checkout from now on. There will be a new category of ticket also. You can follow us on Twitter @AmigaIreland, Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/amigausersireland/ or keep an eye on www.amigausers.ie. Until next time!

Amiga Ireland. Sponsored by A-Eon Technology, AmigaKit, A1200.net, Commodore: The Inside Story & Retro Ready


(Image with thanks to Tony Aksnes at https://blog.amigaguru.com/amiga-spotted-in-superhot-vr)

Massive MOD collection available in one handy download place
Amigas featuring in modern games
Roadie – a tool for your favourite TCP/IP stack



Albatross – a lockscreen for 68K Amiga link
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Italy’s Amiga scene with Alessandro Adamou

We talk about the scene in Italy before and during Commodore’s reign.

Pre-Commodore game development in Italy

Zaccaria produced a set of pinball machines between 1972 and 1988, eventually developing a handful of arcade games (e.g. Money Money, Quasar, Jack Rabbit). The pinball tables were so renowned that a PC game exists today, devoted to re-creating those tables in 3D.
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Bambi-Amiga’s Darren Glenn

www.bambi-amiga.co.uk is a fascinating Amiga project. It’s the projects and services it hosts, but it’s the infrastructure itself – an Amiga 1200 based in England.

Meet the gentleman behind it and afterwards be sure to visit and browse the excellent sites on there. If you’re technically inclined, consider hosting your project using the services there.

Also, the excellent floppy disk service is very useful and used by Amigans the world over. View it here.