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Enhancer Software v1.4 to release this summer. update by Matthew Leaman link

MMULib updated (again) – bug fixes and support for specifics of hardware such as the VA2000 graphics card and ACA accelerators. link

WinUAE 4.0 Released, graphics subsystem overhauled enabling such features as virtually lagless video output and multi-monitor emulation. link

Pre – order for Mayhem in Monsterland 25th Anniversary’s Box has started.

KTRL CD32 pad, available as a kit or fully built and tested link

Versus 8 diskmag is now released. Download link
Feedback: link

MorphOS 3.11 has been released. A lot of bugfixes.

Legend of Atlantis – Indiana Jones inspired game for C64

New game “Worthy” launched on Amiga Bill’s Twitch channel recently.

Worthy Released – OCS game (Duplicate of above?) (YES 😀 )

Sydney Hunter and a Sacred Tribe for C64

Floppy labels available for popular gaming titles
Amiga Ireland floppy labels: link
Jelcynek’s Labels: link
Polish Labels (via Methanoid): link

Organism a good looking Alien inspired game for C64

Chaos Engine for C64 is in the making.

Gaming Addiction classified as a mental disorder by the WHO link

Speedball 2 Ultimate has been released:

PixelGlass – great site with many games – ports, new games (AlarCity, Worthy)

Halt and Catch Fire TV show

Edgar Vigdal (Deluxe Pacman, Deluxe Galaga) passed away in 2015. Rememberance page link

Upcoming Events
Spain: link
Poland: link
Germany: link
Good Source by Amitopia: link

Amigos are doing a charity fundraiser on July 7th where they’ll play games for 12 hours. For every dollar you donate, the Amigos will play one minute of the Amiga game of your choice! link

Thanks to Daniel Cyganek for museum repair

Toni Galvez first prize on Amiga graphics contest on #Posadasparty 32 colours OCS. link

Scottish Amiga Users Group Meeting, Shawlands Church Hall on Mossside Road, Crossmyloof, Glasgow. Saturday 4th August, 11am-6pm.
Ask Amiga
Automounting partitions

Online Activity
Top Tweet for @amigaireland this month was about coverage of the C64-mini in Nó, the online and print Irish language magazine. link

Top Post is a review of F17 Challenge by Team 17 with pictures and comments.


EPx Playing out with Into The Wonderful from Gods, remxied by Mano link


Tower 57 creator Marco “Benitosub” Pappalardo [Interview]

Tower 57 is Fast-paced neo-retro shooter where cooperation is as important as your ammo capacity. Avaliable for Amiga OS4, AROS and MorphOS, Marco “Benitosub” Pappalardo talks about it’s development and his Amiga roots.

Amiga Version HERE.

Commodore Power

LHA self-extracting archive – update to version 2.15 link

MilkyTracker for MorphOS link

A500 replacement case campaign on IndieGoGo just made its goal. Stretch goal not reached, but the team are investigating the possibility.
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Amiberry & 3D Modelling with MiDWaN and Muadib [Interview]

3D Modelling and Amiberry workshops are planned for Amiga Ireland 2019. Our friends from Greece talk about their plans to teach us all about them! Muadib talks about Lightwave 3D, MiDWaN tells us about Amiberry.



Amiga Magazines

Ars Technica publishes another episode of “History of Amiga: Red vs Blue” – great reading
WinUAE 4.0 Beta link
4 Decades of Amiga Demos (234MB Download for CD32) link
Jacek Piszczek, one of the MorphOS core developers, has prepared a great guide regarding MUI.framework and Objective-C in MorphOS
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Take It from the Top

Bambi Amiga, the service that hosts websites and email accounts on an A1200 is now offering a disk imaging service. Postage is international. link

Riva 0.53 link – the fastest MPG player

AmiSSL 4.2 link
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Episode 12.1 – Łukasz Kucharuk of Retro Ready One [Interview]

We talk to the Robin Hood of WiFi on Amiga as well as co-founder of Chelm Amiga Legion, who have an incredible Amiga party at least twice every year. Among many talents, Łukasz beta tests some of the latest software on Amiga, is very knowledgeable about Amiga history and demo scene and sells networking cards for classic Amiga at very good prices. He became a good friend of Amiga Ireland and getting that Amiga 1200 online in Ireland was the start of Amiga Ireland as it’s known today.

Contact Luke:
Chelm Amiga Legion:

Episode 12 – Once More with Feeling

(Image by Shot97 on


Artstate Digital – Andrzej Wilk has released a new demo which should be available now

Amiga Future is 20 years old (and still going strong!)
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Amiga Ireland 2018 Recap

It’s hard to capture the great atmosphere in words, but here’s a recap of Amiga Ireland 2018. This is an annual event running since 2016 and happens every January on the third weekend (Friday and Saturday). It was a weekend of high energy, fun events and interactions. We’ve already booked the venue for 2019 so book your place early as places are limited (online ticket sales begin next week).(Photography by Dermot Ó’Halloran unless specified.)
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Episode 11.1 – Gone Fishing

A quick update. No interview this time since we’re getting ready for Amiga Ireland 2018 which starts this Friday! Normal service will be restored in February.