Amiga Ireland 2019 MOD Competition Results

The standard of the Amiga Ireland 2019 MOD Competition was very high this year. A huge thank you to those who gave their time and talent to enter. Congratulations to all involved. Thank you also to, and for sponsoring the prize for first, second and third place.

The MODs were played on an A1200 with the exception of #4 which was played using WinUAE for technical reasons.

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Ice Cube – Last episode before Amiga Ireland 2019!

We have Mortal Kombat news – twice!
We look at some new games and another WinUAE update
Extra special guest at the Amiga Ireland Meeting 2019

WinUAE 4.1 released
link Rewrite of the bridgeboard emulation system, general fixes and improvements, including improved AGA emulation (more accurate positioning, fetch mode features added)

New version of Amiga AMP
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That’s Settled

Kipper2K has developed a replacement keyboard for Amigas that uses Cherry MX keys – well regarded amongst keyboard aficionados. A500, 600, 1200 and external keyboards in the works. Custom Cherry keycaps also in the works. link

Peceha has drawn very stylish 4 colour icons.

Jon Aasenden is creating a distributed software system that can run native Amiga applications. link
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A lot of great things happening in the world of Amiga and Amiga Ireland this month.

New keycaps finally in production

Commodore the Inside Story by David Pleasance available to buy:

10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast is a new Amiga show that is viewable on your Amiga with the right setup link
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David Pleasance & Trevor Dickenson – Past, Present and Future [Interview]

At Amiga Ireland in January 2018 we talked with David & Trevor and learned about past and current projects as well as ventures in the USA, Britain and Ireland. Projects include David Pleasances book as well as some potentially new hardware in the works.

AmiPizza – A Guide for the Distinguished Amigan

A study by the World Health Organisation recently found that one pizza per day contains 99% of the recommended daily allowance of nearly all our required nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So unless you are one of the ~60% of people who are allergic or intolerant to dairy, it might be time to give up the porridge, the salads and smoothies and have pizza instead, followed by a delicious pureed pizza smoothie. But having pizza every day can get a little boring so for those of you who prefer a needlessly varied diet, read on for some inspiration!

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The Amiga Ireland podcast trio have something in common this week; we’re all very tired! But that won’t stop us bringing this months news, events an games. And as always, the Ask Amiga section covers something technical before we finish with Amiga music.

PPC boards for Mediator-equipped Amigas link

AmiKit for Mac including “Rabbit Hole”

ReAmiga 1200 from John Hertell link
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