Other Attractions

See the Vampire, the technology that is taking the Amiga community by storm by making 3D gaming and mp3 playback possible (and makes an A500 over 150 times faster 🙂 ). See and win WiFi cards for Amiga as well as Plip-box, the internet device that’s compatible with A500. See Amibian in action, the fully blown Amiga OS installation running on the Raspberry Pi 3 on glorious HDMI display. This will also be for sale on the day. We hope to also have technology from A-EON represented/displayed on the day. See MorphOS in action on Mac G4 hardware as well as networked Amigas playing games on multimonitor setup. See the Amiga Forever system in action, which gives you a superbly emulated Amiga setup on your PC and meet the developer.

There is much more planned for this event and there is something for everyone whether you were into games, hardware, software, demos or community.

January 20th, 2018 in the Prince of Wales Hotel (room discounts available), Athlone, Ireland (1hr Drive from Dublin) Around £50 return flight from England!

Attend workshops which include: soldering, music creation on Amiga and programming.

You will not be disappointed. Meet like minded folks who are flying in from all around the world (England, Scotland, Poland, Germany, New Zealand, and more) and country and immerse yourself in the past and future of Commodore and Amiga loveliness.