Other Attractions

Workshops: Learn how to do new things on Amiga. We run about four workshops at the event. These are presented on overhead projector and the presenter has a microphone. We select according to availability of teachers as well as by conducting a pre-event survey to see what demand is like.

If you would like to give a workshop, contact us by e-mail. The workshops are usually on some of these topics depending on the experience levels of attendees surveyed:

Programming using Blitz Basic (which also allows for embedded assembly language),
Music creation on Amiga (MIDI or using a tracker)
AROS Installation on Virtual machine or actual hardware,
3D Modeling with Lightwave,
AmiBerry installation & configuration,
Gotek: Self-build and cost saving,
Soldering (this one requires enough demand as well as people to bring sacrificial hardware to practice on. Never make your first attempt at soldering on hardware you value.

Every year on the third week of January, Friday & Saturday in a hotel in Athlone, Ireland (1hr Drive from Dublin) Around £50 return flight from England. There may be an unofficial gathering on the Sunday morning 🙂

You will not be disappointed. Meet like minded folks who are flying in from all around the world (Ireland, Greece, Holland, Norway, England, Scotland, Poland, Germany, New Zealand, and more) and country and immerse yourself in the past and future of Commodore and Amiga loveliness.