Creative Competition 2023 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Creative Competition 2023, held at Amiga Ireland 2023. Also, a massive thanks to all who entered.


Pixel Art
1st Winter Patrol by Critikill
2nd Sunset by Erik Panakosta
3rd Amiga Ireland 2023 by Mattie Whittle
4th Anarchy by G-man

1st Black Magic by Punnik
2nd Darkness of Soul (D.O.S.) by okeanos/TEK
3rd Irresistible Soccer by Alex Menchi
4th Overy in a Jiffy by Vectorfunk
5th Silliconeable Ice by ? (please get in touch)

In each category prizes are as follows:
1st place: EUR 50
2nd place: EUR 25
3rd place: EUR 15

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Grand Opening

AmiGemini 0.6 has new features added (link)
AmigaOS 3.2.1 has been released (link)
SWOS World Cup Returns (link)
APOLLO-CORE Update for the Vampire V2 V600 / V500 / V1200 version 2.15RC (link)
A new joystick on the way – UniThor (link)
TerribleFire 1260 Alpha firmware released (link)
KA59 – a mechanical keyboard available from Rastport (link)
A summary of progress regarding A1222+ Tabor by Trevor Dickinson (link)
KA Plus (link)
Amiga User (link)
Amiga Addict (link)
Amiga Future (link)

Attack of the PetSCII Robotos has been released (link)
Green Beret – an arcade COLD WAR platformer has been ported to Amiga (link)
Chocktris – yet another great looking clone of Tetris (link)
UniThor joystick working with JUMP – first forced feedback video (link)
Astro Blox Revisited DIGITAL FREE DOWNLOAD – a beautiful version of Sokoban (link)
A very first playable demo of Rick Dangerous AGA Enhanced (link)
Robot JET ACTION – a beautiful looking platfomer for C64 (link)
Target Renegade gets a first teaser for Amiga (link)

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Full credits and links: Podcast Artistic Credits

MOD & Pixel Competition @ Amiga Ireland 2022

Unfortunately, the event will not go ahead due to circumstances partly related to new pandemic restrictions. See you next time!

The Creative Competition for Amiga Ireland 2022 is now accepting entries. Entries will be judged at Amiga Ireland 2022 in January by all in attendance. You can enter as many categories as you like but only one entry per category. Your submission must not have been entered in another/previous competition.

1st Prize: EUR 50 / 2nd Prize: EUR 25 / 3rd Prize: EUR 15.

Closing date for entries is January 26th, 2022. The Creative Competition will be held on Friday, January 28th, 2022. Submit your pixel art or 4-channel MOD below. You do not need to attend to enter, but if you’d like to attend there are some spaces remaining.

MOD / AHX category

Submit 4 channel track in either MOD or AHX format. Maximum 3 minutes and 30 seconds will be played to the judges (but you can submit a longer tune). Protracker v2.3F will be used to play it. Submit as zip or 7z.

PIXEL ART category

Submit a pixel drawing made on Amiga (AmigaOS / AROS / MorphOS / emulated or real hardware). Any application native to those platforms can be used. Ensure your image will display with Multiview.

Submission should include *both an IFF and PNG* version in a zip/7z file.

(Tickets for Amiga Ireland 2022 go on sale in the coming days).


We don’t currently plan to shortlist entries but reserve the right to do so. We will test your submission on receipt and contact you if there is any issue. In the unlikely event that there is a technical problem with presenting your submission on the day, we cannot guarantee it will be included but we will do our best. Submitted files will be published online when results are announced and may also be included shown on live stream / pre-recorded online video / podcasts etc. Results will be announced at the event and will be posted online within days of the event. You can find some previous entries/winners at this link.

Amiga Ireland: Beer Edition. Jan 28th & 29th 2022 in Athlone!

Flower Collage by Douglas Compton aka 10MARC – 4th place winner of the 2021 Pixel Art competiton

Amiga Ireland 2022: Beer Edition. happens on Jan 28th & 29th in Athlone. Pre-book tickets on our website. (link)
TF1260 gerber files released (link)
DvPlayer for OS4 gets updated to version 54.7 (link) 

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Multimedia and Internet with Amiga

Amiga Word by TLF, 3rd place winner of the 3D Scene competition 2021

Co-hosting with us today is Eamonn aka Vectorfunk. Find him on Twitter. (link)
Sonos Controller lets you control your speaker and the playback from your Amiga on OS3, 4.1 and MOS. (link)
VirusZ-III Updated, now supports OS4, MOS & AROS as well as 3.1.4 and 3.2 (link)
XTD has released his album – NEXT (link)
.Amiga (Dot Amiga) – A project to dynamically optimise any website for viewing on Amgia web browsers (link)
MediaVault 1.4 adds comprehensive podcast support (link)
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Full Steam Ahead

Winter Solstice Tree 2021 by Klearchos Gourgourinis aka Muadib, 2nd place Winner of the 3D Scene competition 2021

M68k plugin developed for IntelliJ and other IDEs. (link)
ZZ9000AX sound card add-on for ZZ9000 in development (link)
HippoPlayer gets another update (link)
Deniser, the open source chip replacement (link)
Gemini Browser released by Karl Jeacle, available on Aminet (link)
TheA500Mini gets announced (link)
A new generation of Vampire turbo boards announced (link)
Amiga Ray Tracers collaboration project starting. Sign up at (link)
ZZAPAmiga a new paper magazine gets released (link)

Inca Man released for sale (link)
Turbo Tomato released, boxed copy the best selling Bitmapsoft Amiga game (link)
Super Cars 2 gets an enhanced version for AGA (link)
Amiga Game Jam 2021 (link)
Dread (Doom clone) for stock A500 demo released (link)
Briley Witch Chronicles – Eagerly awaited C64 RPG from Sarah Jane Avory gets a new trailer (link)
Green Beret gets ported to Amiga (link)
Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe – A fabulous platformer gets a multicolor enhancement for the C64 (link)

Italy has its own printed Amiga magazine: Amiga Passione. Theyre having a free Amiga event on Sept 19th. (link)
ASCII composer for Amiga (link)

Ugly Duck (link)
Made You Look (link)

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True Sadness by Byron Schmidt, 5th place winner of the Amiga Ireland MOD competition 2021

Full credits (link)


Full credits and links: Podcast Artistic Credits