Terrible Episode Name

Image: Time and Space by Mattie Whittle, 2nd place winner of the Amiga Ireland 2021 Pixel Art competition.

Amiberry 4.1 has come out of beta and is available for download (link)
AROS One has a new release (link)
GoShell, an attractive, full-screen shell for Amiga (link) Continue reading “Terrible Episode Name”

How Do They Do That?

(Image: Heavy Metal Amiga by Eric Hill aka AmigaLove.com – 1st place winner of the Pixel Art category, Creative Competition 2021)

MsMadLemon is in the New York Times talking about retro computing. (link)
Amiga Ireland 2021 Youtube playlist has been uploaded with all scheduled features (link)
Amiga for Mortals blog (link)
Amiga Ireland 2021 creative competition is complete (link) 

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Amiga Ireland 2021: Online – Creative Competition results

MOD Competition Results

Place Artist Submission Score
1st Punnik How Do They Do That 361
2nd Banjo Guy Ollie Terrible Song Name 354
3rd Alex Menchi Night of the Hunter 351
4th adkd Your Music 2 325
5th Miron Schmidt True Sadness 319
6th Okeanos/TEK Underground Life 295
7th Uberphawx Kersen 288
8th Barkbit Hardware Monkey 225

Pixel Art Competition Results

Place Artist Submission Score
1st Eric Hill/amigalove.com Heavy Metal Amiga 347
2nd Mattie Whittle Time & Space 335
3rd Vasilis Psomiadis Winter Nights 325
4th Douglas Compton Flower Collage 248
5th ArisAmiga Amiga Masterpiece in 31 pixels 247
6th TLF Space Ships 189

3D Scene Competition Results

Place Artist Submission Score
1st Anthony Jarvis Tron Recognizer 424
2nd Klearchos Gourgourinis a.k.a. muadib Winter Solstice Tree 2021 348
3rd TLF Amiga Word 248

It’s been an absolute privilege. Sincere thanks to all who entered. After six years of gaming and creative competitions, it’s time to make a dedicated gallery of scores and art. Until that happens, you can download and view the artwork here:

Download: MODs | Art

How the voting was done this year

Zoom has a built in polling feature which has advantages and disadvantages for voting. The advantages are that the votes are all recorded automatically with no possibility for error. The downside is that we cannot enforce one of the rules that we have at the in-person event: voters must pay attention and vote for all entries in a category 🙂

With Zoom, someone could vote for the first song, not pay attention to the 2nd song (and miss the vote), vote for the 3rd song and so on. Incomplete categories are not counted at the in-person event. With Zoom, we havo no way of knowing since votes are per entry and not per voter. That said, the number of voters per poll (there was one poll per entry) was consistent to within a range of about ~2-5.

Example of a vote being held

For last year’s (2020) Creative Competition, follow this link.

Floppy Fodder

Picture of a lake rendered in R3D v2. By Andy Jones. Winner of organic section of the recent Amiga Swapshop BBS Raytracing Competition.

Amiga Ireland Online: 2021 happens on January 16th – get your tickets (link)
Alanna Kelly, Director at the Computer Museum of Ireland has finished a huge website revamp with her group. (link)
SDBox for Amiga gives SD card connectivity to A500 (h/t to Mikerochip) (link) 

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Quantum of Solstice

A casual chat to wind down the Amiga Ireland year. Thanks for being with us throughout 2020!

Some recommendations for the December break:
Casual Retro Gamer (all things Commodore & Amiga) (link)
Banjo Guy Ollie (great acoustic covers of game tunes) (link)
Mad Pete’s Commodore & Amiga channel (link)
The Amiga Show (link)
The Little Cinema Galway (Aspiring & established film makers create gems within constraints) (link) 

Upskill on Amiga
Amiga Hardware, Music, Magazines & more with Ms Mad Lemon (link)
Lightwave 3D with Muadib (link)
DPaint, Workbench and life in Japan with Pixel Vixen (link)
Amiga Protracker with WASP (link)


Bugs Funny

(Image:  by Elena using Cinema4D Pro for Amiga)

The Amiga Show – A brand new Amiga channel about Amiga and created on Amiga. (link)
Amiga Addict magazine has hit its preorder target, first issue expected 14 Dec (link)
AMOS roadmap announced for 2021 including Vampire and enhanced graphics and sound operations (link) 

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“Everybody Online, Looking Good”

Ask Your Amiga – Wolfram Alpha client for the Amiga (link)
New OS4 blog for developers (link)
Wayfarer – version 1.5 of the Web browser just got released (link)
Online BASIC programming workshop for the Commodore 64 with the Computer Museum of Ireland and Rob Cranley. Register here (link)
Amiga Ireland 2021 is canceled – at least, the planned event, due to the pandemic. We will meet online instead for a few hours. Sign up at the link. (link)

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Cover image: “Thanasis Amp v3” by Muadib which came joint 1st place in the Creative Competition at Amiga Ireland 2020 (link)
IBrowse 2.5.3 released with increased performance of HTTPS connections thanks to Session Caching and Persistant HTTP(S)Connection. (link)
AmiExpress BBS gets a rewrite (link)
AmiBerry now lets you send commands to linux from Amiga Shell. Shared clipboard also implemented. (link)

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GOOSEBUMPS – Interview with the CS-Labs hardware gurus of Warp 1260 fame

Picture of Amiga with episode title

The Warp 1260 and other cards in the family add so many features to classic Amiga like USB, micro SD, WiFi, RTG and more. The story of its creation and its creators is fascinating and entertaining. Special thanks to Cizar and Sellen for sharing their story with us (link)
CS-Labs / Warp Homepage: (link)

Music by Radix licensed under the Mod Archive Distribution license.