Amiga Ireland 2021: Online – Creative Competition results

MOD Competition Results

Place Artist Submission Score
1st Punnik How Do They Do That 361
2nd Banjo Guy Ollie Terrible Song Name 354
3rd Alex Menchi Night of the Hunter 351
4th adkd Your Music 2 325
5th Miron Schmidt True Sadness 319
6th Okeanos/TEK Underground Life 295
7th Uberphawx Kersen 288
8th Barkbit Hardware Monkey 225

Pixel Art Competition Results

Place Artist Submission Score
1st Eric Hill/ Heavy Metal Amiga 347
2nd Mattie Whittle Time & Space 335
3rd Vasilis Psomiadis Winter Nights 325
4th Douglas Compton Flower Collage 248
5th ArisAmiga Amiga Masterpiece in 31 pixels 247
6th TLF Space Ships 189

3D Scene Competition Results

Place Artist Submission Score
1st Anthony Jarvis Tron Recognizer 424
2nd Klearchos Gourgourinis a.k.a. muadib Winter Solstice Tree 2021 348
3rd TLF Amiga Word 248

It’s been an absolute privilege. Sincere thanks to all who entered. After six years of gaming and creative competitions, it’s time to make a dedicated gallery of scores and art. Until that happens, you can download and view the artwork here:

Download: MODs | Art

How the voting was done this year

Zoom has a built in polling feature which has advantages and disadvantages for voting. The advantages are that the votes are all recorded automatically with no possibility for error. The downside is that we cannot enforce one of the rules that we have at the in-person event: voters must pay attention and vote for all entries in a category 🙂

With Zoom, someone could vote for the first song, not pay attention to the 2nd song (and miss the vote), vote for the 3rd song and so on. Incomplete categories are not counted at the in-person event. With Zoom, we havo no way of knowing since votes are per entry and not per voter. That said, the number of voters per poll (there was one poll per entry) was consistent to within a range of about ~2-5.

Example of a vote being held

For last year’s (2020) Creative Competition, follow this link.

Winners of the Commodore Creative Competition at Amiga Ireland 2020

Congratulations to the winners of the Commodore Creative Competition at Amiga Ireland 2020!


Pixel Art
1st Place –  “Sayonara, okaasan…” by Vicky Lamburn / Pixel Vixen
2nd Place – “Desert Sunset” by Vasileois Psomiadis
3rd Place – “Mirrorworld” by Douglas Compton
4th Place – “Insane Trooper” by jojo073
5th Place – “CityXen” by Deadline
6th Place – “ReVampCycle” by PerspexSphinx

3D Scene
1st Place – “Thanasis Amp v3” by Muadib
1st Place – “Fisherman” by Anthony Jarvis

1st Place – “Raid Over Moscow (Good Ending)” by Simone Bernacchia a.k.a. J.M.D
2nd Place – “Celtic Dream” by Zoltar Dr3amusic
3rd Place – “Keep The Rhythm!” by fuzion_mixer

Thanks to everyone who entered for sharing their time and talents.

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Amiga Ireland – Half year update 👋

We’re approaching the halfway point between the previous and next Amiga Ireland event. Here’s what’s been happening:

Dave Haynie is coming to Amiga Ireland 2020. What else can we say? This is incredible news. We are very much looking forward to meeting and speaking with him. Most recently Dave has written about his time with Commodore in the book Commodore: The Inside Story by David Pleasance and is some copies are available here at Amiga Kit.
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Volker Wertich interview transcript – Amiga Ireland 2019

A new Settlers game is in development and is being led by the original creator, Volker Wertich, who very kindly agreed to be our virtual guest for interview at Amiga Ireland 2019. The event happened on January 18th & 19th in Athlone, Ireland. These interviews are conducted using a large sound system with an overhead projector. Here is an abridged transcript.

AI: Volker, thank you very much for giving us some time today. We all know you of course as the creator of The Settlers and you have a new Settlers game coming out but maybe to start with we could go back to the beginning?
VW: Sure, that’s fine.

AI: You started developing at the age of thirteen and sold your first game at the age of fourteen. How was it possible to learn and produce something in such a short period of time?
VW: I was working on the VIC-20 as you know
(VIC-20 user in the audience: “Wuhooo!”)
VW: and of course the VIC-20 originally had 3.5 KB of memory space. That’s not that much so whatever you’re doing, your project will probably be finished after a few months otherwise there’s just not enough space to do any big project there. Another thing is of course at the age of twelve to eighteen I guess you can learn things very very quickly if you are dedicated to them. So I cared much less for school and much more for coding and that was really exciting. I had some logic talent but not really a language talent so this was really helpful. On the other hand if you just have to co-ordinate and agree on design and coding implementation with yourself you can become incredibly efficient.
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Amiga Ireland 2019 MOD Competition Results

The standard of the Amiga Ireland 2019 MOD Competition was very high this year. A huge thank you to those who gave their time and talent to enter. Congratulations to all involved. Thank you also to, and for sponsoring the prize for first, second and third place.

The MODs were played on an A1200 with the exception of #4 which was played using WinUAE for technical reasons.

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AmiPizza – A Guide for the Distinguished Amigan

A study by the World Health Organisation recently found that one pizza per day contains 99% of the recommended daily allowance of nearly all our required nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So unless you are one of the ~60% of people who are allergic or intolerant to dairy, it might be time to give up the porridge, the salads and smoothies and have pizza instead, followed by a delicious pureed pizza smoothie. But having pizza every day can get a little boring so for those of you who prefer a needlessly varied diet, read on for some inspiration!

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Amiga Ireland 2018 Recap

It’s hard to capture the great atmosphere in words, but here’s a recap of Amiga Ireland 2018. This is an annual event running since 2016 and happens every January on the third weekend (Friday and Saturday). It was a weekend of high energy, fun events and interactions. We’ve already booked the venue for 2019 so book your place early as places are limited (online ticket sales begin next week).(Photography by Dermot Ó’Halloran unless specified.)
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