Creative Competition 2021 – Submit your entry for display and voting at Amiga Ireland: Online

The Creative Competition for Amiga Ireland: Online 2021 is now accepting entries. You don’t need to attend. Entries will be judged at Amiga Ireland: Online 2021 in January. You can enter as many categories as you like but only one entry per category. Your submission must not have been entered in another/previous competition.

Closing date for entries is January 12th, 2021. The Creative Competition will be held on Saturday, January 16th. Submit your 2D, 3D or 4-channel MOD below. You do not need to attend to enter, but if you’d like to attend there are some spaces remaining on Eventbrite.

MOD / AHX category

Submit 4 channel track in either MOD or AHX format. Maximum 3 minutes and 30 seconds will be played to the judges (but you can submit a longer tune). Protracker v2.3F will be used to play it. Submit as zip or 7z.

PIXEL ART category

Submit a pixel drawing made on Amiga (AmigaOS / AROS / MorphOS / emulated or real hardware). Any application native to those platforms can be used. Ensure your image will display with Multiview.

Submission should include *both an IFF and PNG* version in a zip/7z file.

3D RAYTRACING category

Submit a 3D scene / picture. The scene should have at least one original object, named in the description. Animations are not valid, but you may submit a scene from your animation.

Submission should include *both an IFF and PNG* version in a zip/7z file.


We don’t currently plan to shortlist entries but reserve the right to do so. We will test your submission on receipt and contact you if there is any issue. In the unlikely event that there is a technical problem with presenting your submission on the day, we cannot guarantee it will be included but we will do our best. Submitted files will be published online when results are announced and may also be included shown on live stream / pre-recorded online video / podcasts etc. Results will be announced at Amiga Ireland: Online and will be posted online within days of the event. You can find 2020 entries/winners at this link.