Desert Sunset

“Desert Sunset” by Vasileois Psomiadis who came 2nd in the Amiga Ireland Commodore Creative Competition

Juan Calderon has released almost 400 MOD samples from the Harmless Synth (link)
OS 3.2 snippets and previewed new features (link)
Apollo Core 2.12 released (link)
AmigaOS 4 Odyssey new beta versions (link)
ScreenTime is a LimpidClock style Clock + Calendar for OS 2.x e 3.x. (link)
AmiCygnix Updated to 1.5 (link)
mGBA an emulator of GameBoy consoles released for MorphOS (link)
Full HD video on A1222 with new RadeonRX drivers (link)

Abiword wordprocessor & Gnumeric spreadsheet updates released (link)
AmigaAmp Updated to v3.27, bug fixes and improved streaming compatibility (link)
Revision, the biggest demoscene party will be live stream only event (link)
Amiga35 UK cancelled and Amiga36 UK is already planned (link)
New A1200 expansion with 8MB RAM, FPU support, 2.91 MIPs and more (link)
A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition (link)
RNOXfer is a graphical FTP client supporting SSL/TLS (68k, OS4 & Morphos) (link)

Amiga Games List gets big update (link)
Double-sided Games are giving two games away for free due to Covid (link)
A new game was released called The Tiny Little Slug (link)
Bridge Strike updated to version 1.1 and released for free (link)
Elite Harmless – an improved version of Elite for C64 (link)
Ghost Town released for the C64 (link)
ACentipede released for Workbench. Reach 500 points to win. (link)

AmiCygnix – a UNIX environment for OS4 (link)
Codetappers Website gives interesting insight into how various classic Amiga games worked (link)
Interview with Andrew Morris who created graphics for SuperCars and Lotus (link)
AmigaLive online gaming (link)
There was an Agony remake for PC in 1996 (link)

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“Celtic Dream” by Zoltar Dr3amusic