2022 Overview

Subject to change based on the arrival of our guests, here is the schedule of events! This doesn’t include the gaming competitions, exhibitions and other activities that are continuous. This also doesn’t really capture the atmosphere so for that, see our Event and media pages.

We are waiting to hear about some other attractions for the event. For now these are excluded from below. Times are not yet set for this year, but some initial info:

Friday: Gaming starts straight away with a high-score competition to be announced (it’s ready, just top-secret 😉 )
Set up your machine, live podcast recording, creative competition and an interview with Fredrik Liljegren of Digital Illusions/Pinball Dreams/The Silents.
dinner break (join us at the Silver Oak restaurant if you have a VIP ticket. Otherwise you can bring your own meal, eat at the venues restaurant or elsewhere in Athlone.
“Dance” the night away to MODs or chat / compute.

Saturday: Workshops so far include: Browsing the “small” internet with Gemini on Amiga. Get up-to-date weather forecasts on your networked Amiga. More workshops to be announced. We assume you will bring an emulated Amiga to the workshop room. You can move your real Amiga if you prefer, of course.
Some interesting attractions and talks are planned for Saturday, but they depend on travel restrictions for those involved. We’ll announce these closer to the time.
Raffle. End of gaming competitions.
Dinner at the hotel for those who bought that add-on in Eventbrite. See Sample Menu. It’s a two-course meal. Choose either starter or dessert with your main.
Then we close up and head on to the pub together.

Sunday morning: Meet at The Bailey before moving on to Seán’s Bar. Part at lunch time.


NOTE: This is the schedule from the previous event. This notice will be removed when the new schedule is posted.
Only one meal time is scheduled: Friday night and this is for VIP ticket holders. Otherwise meals are at your own discretion.

  • 1pm Doors Open – Set up your computer if you have one, play one of ours if you don’t. If you’d like to run a game competition, get it running on your machine and take names. Get to know some people.
  • 2pm Game Competition & Workshops Sign Up – Register for any/all of the game competitions and our workshops. More may be announced throughout the day.
  • 3pm Gaming begins – sit in on an open play machine or use your own. Don’t worry if you’re not arriving until later or Saturday morning. You can still enter the competitions as we don’t go past the first rounds on Friday.
  • 4:30pm Official Opening & Amiga Ireland Podcast Recording. Live recording of this episode & official opening of the event.
  • 5:30pm Commodore Creative Competition You are the judge of the submitted Amiga music or art.
  • 6:45pm Lockup (until 8pm)
  • 7pm Break for dinner
    VIP ticket holders come to the Silver Oaks Indian Restaurant nearby for a meal. Other ticket holders can avail of local options. There is at least one restaurant in the venue building.
  • 8pm Venue Opens again Interviews & talks. Then demos begin. Gaming continues throughout.
  • 1am – CLOSE


NOTE: This is the schedule from the previous event. This notice will be removed when the new schedule is posted.

  • 9am DOORS OPEN & Morning MODs – Gaming continues all day.
  • 10am Workshop “Introduction to VBCC and Cross Compilation”
    (with Karl) View Objective & Requirements

    Objective: Produce a simple “hello world” program using cross compilation.

      • Requirements:
    • Laptop or Desktop running Mac, Windows or Linux.
    • Emulated Amiga 2.0 (UAE or similar)

    Files: (available from http://sun.hasenbraten.de/vbcc/ )

    • install-VBCC.exe
    • vbcc_bin_macos.zip
    • vbcc_target_m68k-amigaos.lha
    • vbcc_unix_config.tar.gz
    • Amiga SDK: from http://www.haage-partner.de/download/AmigaOS/NDK39.lha

    In addition, linux users need:

    • gcc installed, as well as the following packages downloaded:
    • http://sun.hasenbraten.de/vasm/release/vasm.tar.gz
    • http://sun.hasenbraten.de/vlink/release/vlink.tar.gz
    • http://www.ibaug.de/vbcc/vbcc.tar.gz
  • 11am  Workshop “Programming with AREXX”
    (with Rob) View Objective & Requirements

    Objective: Learn the fundamentals of AREXX and develop your own scripts, one which will receive a message from another.


    • Amiga Workbench 2.0 or higher.
    • Ed text editor or similar (installed by default with Workbench, but worth checking to be sure).
  • 12 noon – Exclusive: Clustered Amiberry-powered renderfarm
  • 12:30pm – Break, but event stays open.
  • 1pm Workshop “Lightwave 3D
    (with Klearchos) View Objective & Requirements

    Objective: Create, modify and animate an object in Lightwave 3D.

    • Emulated AGA Amiga with FPU enabled
    • Lightwave 5.0r

    A helpful guide has been written here. Check that you can run Lightwave in advance so you can participate fully.

  • 2pm Workshop “Making Music on Amiga”
    (with Mike) View Objective & Requirements

    Objective: Create a MOD using samples which will be provided.


      • Protracker 2.3e or f (link)
      • Speakers or headphones to hear your output
  • 3pm Workshop “Pixel Art on Amiga”
    (with Pixel Vixen) View Objective & Requirements

    Objective: Follow along with Pixel and develop a nice 2D picture while learning along the way.


    • Deluxe Paint or similar pixel application
    • Emulated Amiga might suit best for moving to the workshop location
  • 4pm Interview & Soap Box with Dave Haynie & Co.
  • 5pm NEW: Announcement from David Pleasance and Dan Wood regarding latest developments with Friend.
  • 6pm AmigaOS ExecSG Q&A with Steven Solie
  • 6:30pm Gaming finals on big screen.
  • 7pm Winner Announcements & other Prizes.
  • 7:30pm CLOSE. Official end of event and time to pack up. All welcome to our reserved area in Gertie Browns Pub until late!


Tentative – The machines might be unplugged but an unofficial gathering takes place in the morning (around 9:30am), just a stroll from the venue is The Bailey (who do a nice breakfast). We’ll probably move on to Ireland’s oldest bar, Sean’s Bar later.