We’re All Going On A…

Image: “Fisherman” by Anthony Jarvis which won joint 1st place at the Creative Competition at Amiga Ireland 2020

Navajo & Hopi Coronavirus Emergency Fund (link)
Reformat allows you format plain text documents, eg, fixed width for Amiga displays (link)
Warp1260 turbo board sent to first beta testers (link)
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Desert Sunset

“Desert Sunset” by Vasileois Psomiadis who came 2nd in the Amiga Ireland Commodore Creative Competition

Juan Calderon has released almost 400 MOD samples from the Harmless Synth (link)
OS 3.2 snippets and previewed new features (link)
Apollo Core 2.12 released (link)
AmigaOS 4 Odyssey new beta versions (link)
ScreenTime is a LimpidClock style Clock + Calendar for OS 2.x e 3.x. (link)
AmiCygnix Updated to 1.5 (link)
mGBA an emulator of GameBoy consoles released for MorphOS (link)
Full HD video on A1222 with new RadeonRX drivers (link)

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Memory Over Matter

Cover image: Cover image this month is Sayonara, Okaasan… by Vicky Lamburn who came 1st in the pixel art category. https://www.patreon.com/pixel_vixen

AGABlaster new version – CDXL player (link)
Yet another update for IBrowse – this time 2.5.2 (link)
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Winners of the Commodore Creative Competition at Amiga Ireland 2020

Congratulations to the winners of the Commodore Creative Competition at Amiga Ireland 2020!


Pixel Art
1st Place –  “Sayonara, okaasan…” by Vicky Lamburn / Pixel Vixen
2nd Place – “Desert Sunset” by Vasileois Psomiadis
3rd Place – “Mirrorworld” by Douglas Compton
4th Place – “Insane Trooper” by jojo073
5th Place – “CityXen” by Deadline
6th Place – “ReVampCycle” by PerspexSphinx

3D Scene
1st Place – “Thanasis Amp v3” by Muadib
1st Place – “Fisherman” by Anthony Jarvis

1st Place – “Raid Over Moscow (Good Ending)” by Simone Bernacchia a.k.a. J.M.D
2nd Place – “Celtic Dream” by Zoltar Dr3amusic
3rd Place – “Keep The Rhythm!” by fuzion_mixer

Thanks to everyone who entered for sharing their time and talents.

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Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep!

Amiga Joker 30th anniversary – the original Joker team release a jubilee edition. (link)
AmiWest took place in California recently, some news on the Tabor board (revised for obsolete parts, drivers being worked on, etc.) (link)
Perry Kivolowitz has been awarded a 2019 Engineering Emmy Award for SilhouetteFX. (link)
Morpheus Wordprocessor v1.0 released supporting RTF & ODT
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