Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep!

Amiga Joker 30th anniversary – the original Joker team release a jubilee edition. (link)
AmiWest took place in California recently, some news on the Tabor board (revised for obsolete parts, drivers being worked on, etc.) (link)
Perry Kivolowitz has been awarded a 2019 Engineering Emmy Award for SilhouetteFX. (link)
Morpheus Wordprocessor v1.0 released supporting RTF & ODT
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Meet the New Key, Same as the Old Key

3D printed key for Commodore 64

New C= parts as easy as “Tea; Early Grey, Hot”? 15 years of AmigaKit, new releases, crash course in AREXX & Assember programming and a great version of the Final Fight theme. All this and our usual round up of events, games and troubleshooting tips.

Tiny Aros by salvatore. A 615MB ISO which will work on emulation or hardware, like AROS. (link)
AEROS 4.3 has been released for Raspberry Pi 3 as a free download (link)
Leu, a simple spreadsheet application, which started as a excel and openoffice viewer. (link)
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Peter Mulholland Interview

Cover Art for Simon the Sorcerer 2 on Amiga

Peter was involved in many game projects; Foundation, Simon the Sorcerer II, Knights & Merchants: Shattered Kingdom, Feeble Files – working with RuneSoft and Epic Interactive. We talk about his past and current activity with his local Amiga community in Norwich, England.


A big donation has arrived at the museum compliments of a computer programmer who owned it. It includes an A500, monitor, Commodore Amiga monitor cover, lots of games, technical manuals and more. Thanks Pat. Here’s a 6 minute interview we had at the time.




New mouse driver for OS4 has been released. Code cleanup and new features for Logitech and Cherry mice link
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Amiga Ireland – Half year update 👋

We’re approaching the halfway point between the previous and next Amiga Ireland event. Here’s what’s been happening:

Dave Haynie is coming to Amiga Ireland 2020. What else can we say? This is incredible news. We are very much looking forward to meeting and speaking with him. Most recently Dave has written about his time with Commodore in the book Commodore: The Inside Story by David Pleasance and is some copies are available here at Amiga Kit.
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