Other Attractions

Workshops: Get creating on Amiga. We aim at introductions rather than advanced topics. But, advanced info is often available.

Workshops have defined learning outcomes. Follow guidance on your Amiga and try to achieve the objective. See the Schedule for the latest info.

If you have a skill you can share, please contact us. It can be anything. Some examples: Blitz Basic, Protracker, Lightwave 3D, AmiBerry, AREXX, Soldering Techniques, cross compilation.

Every January for one Friday & Saturday in Athlone, Ireland. There may be an unofficial gathering on the Sunday morning 🙂

Immerse yourself in the past and future of Commodore and Amiga loveliness and meet like minded folks from Ireland/Northern Ireland and those who travel from Greece, Holland, Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, New Zealand, USA, Australia…