We’re All Going On A…

Image: “Fisherman” by Anthony Jarvis which won joint 1st place at the Creative Competition at Amiga Ireland 2020

Navajo & Hopi Coronavirus Emergency Fund (link)
Reformat allows you format plain text documents, eg, fixed width for Amiga displays (link)
Warp1260 turbo board sent to first beta testers (link)

MCAmiga – Midnight Commander clone for AmigaOS3, 4, MorphOS and AROS (link)
Samples Creator update released (link)
IMP – Infinity Modules Player – it allows you to stream and listen your modules (link)
Netsurf 3.10 available for OS4 with OS3 build to follow soon (link)
Lightwave 3D tutorial has begun on Twitch & Youtube by Muadib (link)

Nerd Kill: Choose several ways to wipe out the people running around your screen. (link)
R-Type hard disk installer including cheat mode for infinite lives and invulnerabilty. (link)
Air Mail game for Amiga 500 and others (link)
Greeblies (link)
Boxy Moxy – a very colourful puzzle game for C64 (link)

Vivid Tracker – MOD tracker for iPhone and iPad (link)
Gotek on-screen display and keyboard control (link)
18,000 MODs on 4 CDs at Amiga France (link)Top Tweet: (link)
Top FB Post: (link)

The song of the month is Guitar Slinger 92 93