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Unfortunately we must announce the cancellation of Amiga Ireland 2021, which was to take place in January in Athlone. There is little certainty for what pandemic restrictions lie ahead.

The planned 2021 event is being moved to 2022.

In the mean-time, please consider attending our online meeting / fundraiser. We’ll spend some hours of Saturday, January 16th together in a setting that will hopefully be a little more intimate than a typical stream, even if it’s nothing like an in-person event. Book your ticket here.

To enter the Creative Competition for 2021, visit this link.

*The information on the rest of the website describes a typical in-person event which we hold each year in January. The online event will not reflect this.


There is something for everyone whether you are into games, hardware, software, demos or just meeting like-minded people.

(Video by Sensible Blogger)

Game Competitions include SWOS, Stunt Car Racer, Paper Plane and more. Prizes for winners. Also, spontaneous competitions – load your own game & approach people to compete.

Exhibitions  WiFi, Dropbox, accelerators. New machines such as A1222, classics like the Commodore 64, Amiga 500 – 4000 are frequent. Vampire & ARM systems such as AmiBerry are usually on show.

Social aspect is important. We go for a meal on the Friday night (VIP ticket holders) as well as to  an atmospheric local pub on the Saturday night (everyone welcome). On Sunday morning, a casual gathering nearby.

Guests to date have included (and we hope to see again):

Trevor Dickinson A-EON
David Pleasance Commodore / Friend
Mike Battilana Cloanto
Neil Cafferkey Creator of WiFi drivers for Amiga
Rob Cranley Amiga Future magazine
Eddy Carroll SnoopDOS author
Niall Ó’Brolchain – 2018 Ireland’s first commercial game (C64). Former member of Seanad Éireann and Mayor of Galway City.
Jon Hare – 2018 Sensible Software*
Volker Wertich – 2019 BlueByte & The Settlers*
Dave Haynie – 2020 Dave was with us for both days of the event!
2021 TBC, but we do have a plan 🙂

Donation-based, but usually include: Trophies for some competition winners, Amiga Ireland Champion Floppies for others, WiFi cards for classic Amiga, boxed games, sometimes hardware, books, magazines, manuals & posters. Previously a boxed Amiga 500 was donated.

Sincere thanks to:

Shopping For retail therapy, hardware and software vendors (including some of our sponsors) will be here.

* Virtual guest via web conferencing

Other Attractions

Workshops: Get creating on Amiga. We aim at introductions rather than advanced topics. But, advanced info is often available.

Workshops have defined learning outcomes. Follow guidance on your Amiga and try to achieve the objective. See the Schedule for the latest info.

If you have a skill you can share, please contact us. It can be anything. Some examples: Blitz Basic, Protracker, Lightwave 3D, AmiBerry, AREXX, Soldering Techniques, cross compilation.

Every January for one Friday & Saturday in Athlone, Ireland. There may be an unofficial gathering on the Sunday morning 🙂

Immerse yourself in the past and future of Commodore and Amiga loveliness and meet like minded folks from Ireland/Northern Ireland and those who travel from Greece, Holland, Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, New Zealand, USA, Australia…